Exclusive interview with ‘Ugbudia Godswill’ popularly known as “W.A.C.K” a Celebrity Photographer

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Ugbudia Godswill popularly known as “W.A.C.K”


its our pleasure to have you on iNAAIJA celebrity corner

The Pleasure is mine thanks for having me.

Can tell us about yourself?

My names are Ugbudia Godswill Ogheneyerowo i’m a student of Delta State Polytechnic, i’m also a photographer and a Graphics Designer by profession.

Why did you choose photography?

Well at first photography wasn’t really a choice but then again, I had a very open mind when I was in ss1.

What really motivated you to go into photography?

To be honest aside the fact that I naturally an interest designing there was this photographer I knew back then the guy was doing very well for him self better than I could say for any graduate, You see, even when you’re are following your passion, you’ll still have to take into consideration the gain in what you do so seeing that the guy was quite comfortable, and that I had an interest in the field, I decided to pursue that goal.


How long have you been a photographer?

Close to Four years.

When you told your parents you were going into photography, what was their react?

OK, here’s how it actually happened, when I was asked, what I would like to learn, my answers were painting, like an artist that paints, sketches and all that, but then they said, people don’t really value the work as much as it should be. Then my second choice was to learn hair dressing, like to become a Barber. But, my schedule wasn’t fine with the work I also had an interest in fashion designs, again they said my elder brother is already a fashion designer so photography came into picture and I was alright with it.

Whose work has influenced you most?

I was attracted to the computer, I instantly loved editing, well In photography, my boss was very good, so that was a good start Then I met a photographer “Smallvyle” I felt really challenged to do better Then again there’s another photographer I look up to “Kelechi Amadi” So, I don’t really have an exact source of motivation.


What gives you ideas and inspires you to create such great imagery?

Our every experience leaves behind hidden ideas that pop up when you need them, Friends, travelling and also, when you admire and acknowledge the works of those better than you, then and only then you can become better. Before I started graphics design, I used to admire the works of “Kida” (C.E.O kdmpictures) and “Yumi Kelib” (C.E.O Yomahs Kreation).


What do you think of the photography industry at the moment and where do you see it in 5 years from now?

Firstly, There’s hardly any co-operation among photographers. There’s no union of Photographers
Secondly, it’s Freaking expensive to get equipments Most times I just manipulate and improvise to get the results I want. They’re a lot of photographers with big cameras that Can’t deliver. And also, most photographers don’t hold themselves in high esteem. Personally I think we photographers need to take more pride in what we do, and set high standards for ourselves.

What is the dumbest question you’ve been asked in a photo session?

There’s been a lot of Dumb questions but I would say it’s when I was asked *IS THIS A POSE* *WHICH KIND POSE BE THIS* And at the end of the session they’ll still be the ones screaming OMG when they see the images, most especially girls.


Name one thing that can make you quit photography?

I am not sure if there’s anything that can make me do that, but something that really piss me off or hurt me is an ungrateful Client, after putting in your all, making sure you give the best Results. The kind of attitude they give and remarks, it’s like a Blade under my skin. Few of them though most of them are always delighted and impressed with the results they get.


Now the name WACK how did you come about it?

It’s an acronym from the words
*WIILLSBROWNS ATTRACTION CREATIONS OF A KING* And the name started to circulate when Vincent (Saint Barz) started to use it most times, May his soul rest in peace I actually came up with the acronym during a conversation with two friends, Kaptain And Ceza.


If you were asked to change one thing in life with photography, what will it be and why?

The way people look down on some certain vocations.

Do you feel intimidated by other people’s work?

Hell No.

What has been your biggest move to get a girl?

To be honest, I hardly make move on girls, at least not until she shows a little green light. That way, I can be certain that I wouldn’t start getting any funny attitude or snubs. That being said, I can say, the biggest move I have made to get a girl was when I animated her image.


What was the last gift you gave someone?

A mini speaker, Beat By Dre.

Among your works in photography, which one is your favorite? Why?

It’s an outdoor shot and I love it most because it’s very natural, not much editing, the moment wasn’t planed, it’s an unexpected shot, and shots that the model or client isn’t expecting always comes out better and natural.

Wack’s favorite shot


Between outdoor and indoor shots which do you prefer?

Outdoor, just that its very stressful, but its awesome and more expensive.


Have you had a nude session with a female client?

A few, yes It’s really hard to tell If I had Because you can’t post them online.

As a professional photographer what is your opinion on nude pictures from models, do you think such pictures sell the brand?

It’s depends, most of them are shots that do not expose the pubic parts Mostly dark and mysterious And yes It does sell brands.

What was your first react when you had a nude session with a female client?

A man is always a man, I keep it very professional, buy deep down i’ll be like, I wish I could be taking these shots with my other camera, just kidding sha. But honestly, I am not surprised, it’s very common with models, and it’s always expected of beautiful people to capture their beauty and show it off.

Ok, it was really nice having you sir from us at iNAAIJA we wish you all the best.

Thanks for Having me, it’s an Honour.


For your photo session(s) contact W.A.C.K:

Facebook: WA CK

Whatsapp/Call: 07065912722


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