Exclusive interview with “Jadesola” (C.E.O of Mayel Beads)

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Jadesola Osinfowokan (C.E.O of Mayel Beads)

Today we are having a very talented and young entrepreneur who has been making waves in bead making and as well making a difference, well its no other person but Jadesola Osinfowokan.

Its really an honour having you on iNAAIJA Celebrity Corner.

Thank you

You are popular with “Jade” so can you tell us your name(s) in full and what it means?

My full name is Osinfowokan Jadesola And Jadesola means come out to wealth.

What was your childhood like?

Basically my childhood wasn’t so bad i lived with my mother while Dad lived in Abuja so we got to see him every now and then. My parents are not so rich but i got whatever i asked for.

Chokers by Mayel beads

Why bead making?

The love of it, It’s inborn.

How do you combine school with bead making?

(Smiles) It’s pretty hard
Theatre and media arts isn’t funny at all the stress is way too much but my beads are in demand so i always make time when I am not too tired.

What are your challenges in bead making?

Basically time There’s usually limited time being that I’m still in school and Also sometimes some customers don’t make it easy for you They price things too much and it’s discouraging.

What was the last gift you received?
(Smiles) Let’s keep that away from the media.

Model wearing a bead by Mayel beads


Are you shy to say it or what?

I am not But I’d rather not tell.

Do you prefer working alone or with others? Why?

I love working with people But most people i have come across are lazy
Bead takes patience I just love sharing my ideas and stress.

How long have you been making beads?

I have been making beads since I was nine.

Do you have any role models? If so, who are they, and why are they role models?

My role models are my mother and Toyin Abraham
My mom motivates me and always make me feel that’s there’s more inside of me and i just love Toyin Abraham, Her movies are awesome.


Model on Mayel chokers

What about in bead making?

My grandmother.

What genre of music do you love?

None in particular I’m not a fan Just listen to anything that sounds nice.

Are you in a relationship?

(Smiles) No.

And you are not searching?

I’m not.

Apart from bead making what else do you do?

For now Nothing else.

Model wearing a bead by Mayel beads


Is your family in full support in your bead making?

Yes, It’s in the family.

How do you handle criticism?

Smiles Being silent is the best.
We’ve seen some of your designs which are actually unique and beautiful, so now what is the inspiration behind Mayel Beads?

Two people are behind that name Malachi Esemua and Yemisi otitoju (of blessed memory) they just inspired me to work harder and when they died I was heart broken so the name is just to remember them.

You just concluded the face of mayel, now we want to know what were the ups and downs you faced at that time of the competition?

Time and some models are just difficult That’s why the turn up wasn’t encouraging They want things at their own way And it’s not so nice.

Congratulations in your appointment as an ambassador in your school (AAU), So how is that going for you?

Very fine thank you.

Model wearing a bead by Mayel beads

Mention four things people don’t know about you?
That I am not really social
That i prefer beading than talking to people
That when I am very angry i don’t talk
That i can’t do without my baby sister .

And now How do you describe a perfect day?

When things go as planned (Smiles).

Alright thank you for your time it was really our pleasure having you today, from iNAAIJA we wish you all the best in life.

For your order contact Mayel Beads:

WhatsApp: 09050676215
Instagram: @Mayelbeads
Facebook (page): Mayel beads

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  1. Can’t do without your baby sister. That’s so cute.

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