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We got with us on our Celebrity Corner today OSAS MAVIS popularly known as FREISH

 on a one on one chat.

iNAAIJA: Welcome to iNAAIJA Celebrity Corner

FREISH: Thank you very much

iNAAIJA: What’s your real name?

FREISH: Oh well my names are AGHATISE OSAS MAVIS.

iNAAIJA: Where are you from

FREISH: I’m from Benin City, Edo State.

iNAAIJA: What’s Your stage name?


iNAAIJA: Are you in any way related to Adekunle Gold?

FREISH: NO, not at all
iNAAIJA: You Kind of look like him

FREISH: Yes, Most people always ask me if we are related. Even some people call me Adekunle Diamond

iNAAIJA: Where are you based?

FREISH: Hmm well for now I’m based in Benin because I still have some unfinished projects in Benin, basically I live in Lagos.

iNAAIJA: How was growing up like?
FREISH: Well for me it wasn’t really easy because I’m from a polygamous home of nine (9) Children and I’m the last born but not the least (Laughing). I went to primary and secondary school in Benin City and also went for hardware and software computer training in Lagos for about three (3) Years and right now my life is all about music.

iNAAIJA: When did you start doing music?

FREISH: Music stated way back in my primary school, that was when I discovered I can sing, and since then it’s all about music.

iNAAIJA: What kind of music do you do?

FREISH: I do all kind of music it depends on my mod, but mainly I’m into Afro Pop

iNAAIJA: What do your family think about you and music?

FREISH: Well it wasn’t easy for them to accept me doing music, especially my mom but at a point she needed to let me do what I love to do and she gave me her blessing, my dad is late but I’m know he’s up there and proud of me.

Actually my first mixtape I did was sponsored by my mom financially, so you can see its all love and blessing from my family.

iNAAIJA: When did you record your first song?

FREISH: Hmmm, I think it was 2009, there about.

iNAAIJA: Who influence your music?

FREISH: Hmmmmm, well I’ll say Wande Coal, I love his vocal power and he’s good, so Wande Coal influences my music.
iNAAIJA: Where you in any Musical Group?

FREISH: Yes back then in my Secondary School days we were called THE TIME BOMB and then I was a rapper. (Laughing)

iNAAIJA: Do you play any musical instrument?

FREISH: Yes for sure, I play Lead/Acoustic Guitar and Bass Guitar.

iNAAIJA: When did you start playing the Guitar?

FREISH: hmmmmm, it was late last year 2015, October/November 2015
iNAAIJA: When was your worst performance?

FREISH: Hmmmmm, LOL, well it was at a carnival in Lagos, when I was performing the generator went OFF and ON and it was really Frustrating. (Laughing….)

iNAAIJA: when was your best performance?

FREISH: I think my best performance is still yet to come, but my best Performance so far was when I performed at @ MMFA Music Met Fashion Award in Ogun State, the love from the crowd was massive and it was awesome.

iNAAIJA: What the secret behind your hit song “Pray For Me”?

FREISH: Hmmmmm, Well, I was in d studio at that day and my number one producer The Baddest Producer OVEEBEATZ was cooking that beat and I just jump was cooking that beat and I just jumped on it and free styled on it and that was how I made that song.

iNAAIJA: So Wande Coal is your role model?


iNAAIJA: Who is Your Celebrity Crush Locally?

FREISH: Hmmmmm, (Laughing) I’ll say SEYI SHAY, She’s Beautiful and very talented. She’s my number one crush anytime, anyday. (Laughing)

iNAAIJA: What of internationally?

FREISH: Selena Gomez

iNAAIJA: Are you in a relationship?

FREISH: Yes with m music

iNAAIJA: (Laughing….) So no Girlfriend (Human Being)?

FREISH: (Laughing….) No, I’m single and searching.

iNAAIJA: Is there any girl you like?

FREISH: I like any girl that likes me

iNAAIJA: Are you signed to any record label?

FREISH: For now I’m signed in to my own Label #FREISHMOVEMENT and I’m open to any good record deal.
iNAAIJA: There are word around of you about to be signed to DA MAYORZ MUSIC GROUP,

FREISH: Hmmmmm, Well I think I’ll keep that a secret for now, there no announcement yet.

iNAAIJA: What are you currently working on?

FREISH: Well for now I’m working on my EP Album and by God Grace we gonna be dropping it befor the year runs out, and I’m also working with one of South-South baddest producer, my sound engineer SQUIDVIBEZ on his EP Album as well.

iNAAIJA: Are you featuring any artist on your EP?

FREISH: Yes on my EP I got VIKI VIX, KAPTAIN and FREEGO. My EP is gonna be fire when it’s comes out, believe me.

iNAAIJA: What do you do at your free time?

FREISH: Oh well when am les busy, hmmmmmm, I love indoors, because I’m not really an outside person, all I do is sleep at home and most time listen to music, nothing much just a normal everyday life.

iNAAIJA: Apart from your songs, what other songs do you listen to?
FREISH: Well I love listening to the oldies like the, LUTHER VANDROSS, FRANK SINATRA, MICHEAL JACKSON, PAUL CARRACK, KENNY ROGERS, and many more. I love rock music as well, but mostly I listening to songs base on my mood.

iNAAIJA: Any words for the upcoming art?

FREISH: Well I’ll say believe in yourself, don’t give up, work hard, pray hard and leave the rest for God to handle.

iNAAIJA: We all from iNAAIJA.com  wish you all the best in your career and your upcoming EP

FREISH: Thank you so much, I appreciate you all.

iNAAIJA:  It was nice hanging out with you.

FREISH: Same here.

Here is Freish – Pray For Me  ft Kaptain

Download Audio

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