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On our Celebrity Corner today we got the amazing EMAGRACE on a one on one chat.

iNAAIJA: Welcome to iNAAIJA Celebrity Corner

EMAGRACE: Thank you for having me

iNAAIJA: What’s your real name?

EMAGRACE: Mr Ema Edebe

iNAAIJA: What’s Your stage name?

EMAGRACE: Emagrace

iNAAIJA: What was idea or inspiration behind your name ‘EMAGRACE’?

EMAGRACE: Well Ema is my name Grace is the message I preach and the person I sing about is JESUS the CHRIST. Emagrace also talks about a guy who is everything he is by God’s divine help.  Ema is my name, Grace is the message, person, and ability I represent.

iNAAIJA: Where are you from?


iNAAIJA: Where are you based?

EMAGRACE: Benin City, Edo State

iNAAIJA: What kind of song do you do (Genre)?

EMAGRACE:  I’m not tied to a particular genre but I get to do more of RnB for now, so I guess you could say RnB but I can be Dynamic because music is Dynamic.

iNAAIJA: (Wow that’s nice), what do your family think about you doing music?

EMAGRACE: They understand it’s my passion and so I get their support completely, they are more like part of my team, with them and the host of other blessed people Emagrace Music is going global with the Gospel of God’s Love and Healing Power.

iNAAIJA:  When did start doing music?

EMAGRACE: I started out in my Primary school/secondary school days then graduated to joining the Choir of Several Ministries I passed through growing up but officially wrote my first Song in 1996 a song I have not even recorded yet but yeah it all started way back in 1996 till Date.

iNAAIJA: So when did you record your first song officially?

EMAGRACE: Hmmmmmm that should be in 2014 when I did a song for the bring back our girls movement my way of lending my voice to the cry of helpless parents trying to pass a message of hope and love was also part of d mix because that’s what my Music is about. It speaks of Love hope grace and Acceptance based on the finished work of Christ on the cross, From there I went on to record He loves you in 2015 and Shake It Off just barely few months ago


iNAAIJA: Wow…. Who influence your music?

EMAGRACE: Sincerely I have got to learn a lot and Grow under some gifted men like Mr. Emmanuel Awipi, Minister peace of the church of God mission back in my school days and currently My line of thought and Mode of writing is greatly influenced by My Father in the Lord Pastor Iyke Nnamdi samuel senior pastor House on the rock Benin and my Music director And Producer Mr. Phillip aka #Saintkeys but I also would acknowledge that back in 2006 one man Influenced my Decision to Proclaim Jesus through Gospel Music and that’s Pastor Chris Abegze General overseer of Freedom in God Mission. Now I mentioned names but top on the List is He that needs no introduction that is the person of the Holy Spirit. He brought these people my way and he is doing great work with me because there are songs that he has given that will be a blessing to the world.

iNAAIJA: Do you play any musical instrument?

EMAGRACE: For now nope I do not. I just have Basic Ideas that help me do what I have to do. But I got plans…

iNAAIJA: Apart from been in a choir where you in any musical group?

EMAGRACE: I have had the Privilege of been in a Number of Music Groups that’s apart from actively serving with the Benson Idahosa University choir back in my University days I also was in a group called Straight street. Some years ago I put together a group called Fresh dew but it did not last I got plans to re activate it depending on what God permits.

 iNAAIJA: So FRESH DEW is not active for now?


EMAGRACE: Nope it’s not.

iNAAIJA: When was your worst performance?

EMAGRACE: A programme I went for some time is 1996. It was really bad but it thought me so much.

iNAAIJA: Hmmm When was your best performance

EMAGRACE: I can’t say there has been a best because am a work in progress a force under construction so I just put in my Best and depend on God to do the rest but I can’t admit I have had a best Performance.

iNAAIJA: So who is your role model

EMAGRACE: Hmmmm ……. They are many but.

iNAAIJA: Laughing………………………………….


EMAGRACE: Pastor Donni a western Gospel Music Minister is top on the list.

EMAGRACE: Then I learn and Tap from a host of others too many to mention.

iNAAIJA: hmmm……. Who is your celebrity crush Locally?

EMAGRACE: Well I can’t tell if it’s a crush but saw a Video of Ada Recently and it’s got me wanting to just know more about how her mind works in relation to her Kind of Music. But there are some other people who have me wondering like Hmmmm how does she do it…. #joi Mor top on the list then there is Dolu the Nigerian Idol, There is Yoyomusic etc.

iNAAIJA: What of international

EMAGRACE: Kim Burrel, Tassha cobbs, ciecie winnas, Nicole simuly, and some others.

iNAAIJA: What’s  behind your movement theme song shake it off?


EMAGRACE: I wrote Shake it off in 2015 at a time where I was struggling seriously with advanced Depression caused by a lot of things put together. It was really a Dark moment in my life but one Day a word dropped in my spirit like Ema this is not you, you are much bigger than this so #shake it off and step up. It came as a message to me first and then the song followed because a lot of people have stuff they really need to shake off. For me it was Depression, and a host of other Pains mixed together. The idea is to shake off all the issues and limitations and just have a mind fixed on God alone.

iNAAIJA: Who’s the girl behind the successful Emagrace?

EMAGRACE: Smiles…… She would rather remain out of sight. But Trust me she’s Amazingly blessed, Gifted and Beautiful. My Gift from God.


iNAAIJA: I’m jealous oooooooooooooo, Are you signed to any records label?

EMAGRACE: Nope I am not. That Time will certainly come.

iNAAIJA: What are you currently working on?

EMAGRACE: What am working on is Fresh it’s like nothing I have ever done and soon it will drop but for now all I can say is no matter how hard things Get we all must Remain #Encouraged and say #YES to the will of God. I just coded gave you the Title of 2 projects.

iNAAIJA: What do you think we can do to improve the entertainment industry?

EMAGRACE: Well by giving all the needed encouragement and support to one another back to Back. Energy is good but looking at the way we are growing and flying in Nigeria expects in the music industry there now need to synergies and let iron sharpen iron.

iNAAIJA: What do you do at your free time apart from listening to music?

EMAGRACE: I work, Play and Hang out.


iNAAIJA: What will you not be caught doing?

EMAGRACE: I won’t be caught clubbing. I’ve never done it, hear it’s fun though got nothing against it, it just feels like I don’t need to club to feel part of d social cycle…. you know how it is a times when you mention that you never clubbed and everyone looks at u like seriously?

iNAAIJA: Any word for upcoming artists?

EMAGRACE: Never give up on your Dreams or look down on yourself. Jesus is your Father and friend and He Loves you deeply so as far as your worries about life are concerned shake it off and be encouraged that yes you will be all you want to become in life and Music.


iNAAIJA: We all from iNAAIJA wish you all the  best in your musical career.

EMAGRACE: You guys are part of my Team so we are going to make History Together. Emagrace Music has bigger plans waiting to uncover.

iNAAIJA: Amen…… It was really a nice time hanging out with you

EMAGRACE: Same Here…


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  1. Wow thank God,you are definitely going places

  2. You are definitely going places .Thank God for ur inspiring interview Emagrace

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